Rakhi Sawant’s Reaction To Condom Ads Ban On Television!

Rakhi Sawant talks how incorrect it is to ban condom ads on television from 6 am to 10 pm.

After Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone, now Rakhi Sawant will be seen endorsing a condom. While fans were eagerly waiting to see the diva in this kind of commercials, the new rule banning condom ads between 6 am to 10 pm has disappointed many.

Rakhi Sawant says, “There should be more condom ads. More awareness about the product will lead to more precautions; people will know why it should be used, to protect oneself from AIDS for example. I am doing this condom ad as a community service.”

She continues, “The government did not censor condom ads by Sunny Leone or Bipasha. But as soon as the news of Rakhi Sawant’s condom ad made headlines, the government put a ban on ads between 6 am to 10 pm. Is the government scared? Do they already have a problem with the ad without even watching it that they put the blanket ban during the day?”

Her anger didn’t end she also added, “If condom ads stop, everyone in India will get AIDS. Children will sleep off and they will not know what a condom is and the use of the product. Seems like the government wants Indians to get AIDS. Until children don’t see the ads, how will they know about precaution? If they feel it is unsuited for television, they should edit or censor it.”

Rakhi feels PM Modi will land her help, she shares, “Government has always made valid rules but time ban on condom ads I feel very much targeted. I feel sunny Leone and Bollywood Actress Bipasha Basu who has gone too bold to ad more of skin then the product. I would urge government to apply limitations on vulgarity shown on such ads. But time banning on the ad is not done. I feel s*x is a comman topic everyone see in content of any television shows be it a fiction or live comedy or a chat show. S*x is a must topic. Even every bollywood movies has such highlighted content. I have always respected my government but this time its an appeal. Everyday we read on incident happening related to s*x. Many people dont come out to fight for HIV Aids. The time when government themselves funds condoms for free at their hospitals and celebrate HIV Aids day. How could they not ad about it. As ads themselves are very much educative. The era we live in we see child are more advanced then us. And that is why they need knowledge even on s*x before they involve themselves in crime because of curiosity to know about s*x. I am really upset everytime I need to face government. The time I do movies they have problems. Now done an ad with that too government has problem. Hope our prime minister lands support to me and give a second thought on such stupid time ban.”

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