Ram Gopal Varma – Bharat Shah case hearing on 23 January


    Mumbai: In response to the complaint filed by Bharat Shah with IMPPA for Rs 250 million (Rs 25 crores) fraud case by director, producer Ram Gopal Varma, the latter filed a court case on Shah.

    The hearing of this case is on 23 January in a court in Goregaon.  

    Sources close to Varma inform, "Ramu did not have any deal with Bharat Shah and had not signed any papers for the same. In fact Shah himself was keen to finance Ramu’s films, but Ramu did not show any interest. So now he has filed a court case on Shah to retort to this claim and prove before court the fraud of Rs 25 crore."

    In September last year the financier filed a complaint seeking a recovery of Rs 25 crores from Varma. Shah alleged that Varma’s company continued to do business but did not return the amount due to him and that Varma even promised him shares worth Rs 100 million (Rs 10 crores) in his company, which he was planning to get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

    In the past Shah has financed Varma’s films Satya, Mast and Jungle.