Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat based on The Blair Witch Project


Mumbai: Before starting on his film on the media titled Rann, producer-director Ram Gopal Varma will be embarking on another horror flick called Agyaat (meaning unknown), which is somewhat based on The Blair Witch Project.

The story revolves around a film unit on a shoot, which gets trapped deep in a forest. The crew members get killed one after another. However, no one knows whether the killer is a person or an animal.

The movie will go on floors in December and finish the principal photography by the first week of January. Post that, work will commence on the special effects. Agyaat will be ready for release in May-June 2009.

Varma said that the film will be very near to a reality show in the sense of putting a set of people in a certain situation and to see what happens to them. The cast will comprise small actors based on the complete suitability of the way the characters are written in the script.

Varma said, "I have always been an incredible fan of the thriller genre where there is an unknown or a known element, which is out to kill at random a group of people trapped in a certain situation whether it is Ridley Scott’s Alien or John Carpenter’s The Thing. Not to forget The Blair Witch Project in which the genius of the concept has gone to the extent of not showing the antagonist at all. I have titled my film based on this concept as Agyaat."

"Thrillers of this kind are a popular genre abroad, not to forget the success of numerous dubbed ones in India as well. But as yet no film in the same genre has been seriously attempted with Indian actors with a story designed for the Indian audience. This movie’s intention would be to explore that and also would be about the emotional complexities that extreme fear would unleash and how the triumph of human spirit refuses to give in even against impossible odds," he added.