Rambo’s home entertainment debut tops sales chart


Mumbai: One of the silver screen’s legendary characters, John Rambo proves to be a force in today’s digital age. The home entertainment debut of Rambo from Lionsgate proved dominant across all revenue channels including DVD, Blu-ray, the iTunes Store and iTunes Digital Copy.

The Rambo DVD debuted at number one on the home video rental charts and was number two on the sales charts among this week’s DVD releases. The ride finished the week with two million units sold. Additionally, the Blu-ray release of Rambo debuted at number one as it marked one of the best Blu-ray debuts to date.

The release, which earned over $100 million worldwide during its theatrical run, came out of its first weekend as the number one movie download on the iTunes Store. Lionsgate also released Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set, a special collectible DVD set containing all four films and a bonus disc of special features as well as the Rambo: I-III Blu-Ray Box Set on 27 May.

"John Rambo is as explosive on home entertainment as he is in the Burmese jungle. The Rambo franchise continues to be strong during the digital age because it appeals to a very fervent fan base that receives its entertainment in many different formats from packaged media to all other digital options," said Lionsgate general manager Ron Schwartz.