Ranbir Kapoor signed as brand ambassador for Tata DOCOMO

    MUMBAI: Tata DOCOMO has signed Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor as its new brand ambassador.
    Tata DOCOMO has launched its new campaign, which has been titled – Keep It Simple.

    The new campaign will launch during the Indian Premier League (IPL). With rendition of many acts that mark our daily experiences in life and with our mobile phones, Kapoor will drive home the Keep It Simple message through the April and May months of the IPL series.

    TATA DOCOMO – Maharashtra circle COO Anupam Verma said, "Tata DOCOMO is an inspirational brand and so is the charm and personality of Ranbir Kapoor, India’s young and fastest-rising Bollywood icon. He is youthful, dedicated, Refreshingly Different and a standout in a crowd—all of which qualities mesh so well with Tata DOCOMO’s own brand persona. As a youth icon, Ranbir is a trend-setter and appeals to young audience—he is professional, dynamic and youthful. This is a perfect match with Tata DOCOMO, and we welcome him to the family and look forward to a long and meaningful association."

    "I have always believed in being different and doing things in a unique and new way—which is what made me jump at the chance to associate with Tata DOCOMO, which is such a close replica of my own persona. What really connects me to Tata DOCOMO is the youth appeal that they have. They keep it really simple, and that’s what the whole format of this campaign is all about—Keep It Simple, Silly. We have too many things in our lives to worry about. Telecom is not something that we should have to worry about—all those bills, smart bills, products, services, tariff options… I love the simplicity of Tata DOCOMO and this new campaign—it will start with making people laugh, and make their lives oh so simple… We had a blast making this campaign and I hope people have a blast watching it too," added Kapoor.

    Tata DOCOMO will undertake various marketing initiatives with Kapoor including television commercials, print campaigns, outdoors and retail front displays.