Ranbir Kapoor torn between Rockstar and Barfee

MUMBAI: Once again, Anurag Basu’s Barfee has been steamrollered by his buddy Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. Again Anurag has given over Ranbir Kapoor’s dates to Imtiaz’s never-ending saga.
Anurag Basu who completed a short schedule will resume shooting Barfee now after Imtiaz finished shooting his Rockstar number on May 15. This isn’t the first time that Anurag’s Barfee has been cancelled or postponed because of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar.
Anurag tells Businessofcinema.com, “I wouldn’t say I’ve had to cancel this time. I just had work my way around Imtiaz’s song. Why not? He’s a dear friend. He’d do the same for me. In any case I shot the toughest most dramatic sequence with Ranbir and Priyanka in the first schedule. That’s how I always start my films. I shoot the most challenging portion first. Luckily for me I’ve actors like Ranbir and Priyanka. They got a grip on the complexities of their characters immediately.”
What Ranbir and Priyanka didn’t get to do is shoot the shooting.
Explains Anurag, “They’re supposed to film our shootings and we’ll probably use the footage that Ranbir and Priyanka shoot for a film on the making of Barfee. But they weren’t allowed to do so in the first schedule.We really couldn’t afford any distractions. The sequence was really tough on all of us, me, Ranbir,Priyanka our cameraman.”
Ranbir went in a deep depression because of the sequence. He is yet to emerge fully from it. Anurag hopes the effervescent high-octave rock song that Ranbir would shoot with Imtiaz Ali on May 15 wold rejuvenate him fully.
“A week after Imtiaz’s song I need Ranbir to be in a happy space. We aren’t making a drepressing film. Ranbir’s character’s disability is incidental. We aren’t making a song dance about his deafness and muteness. Though trust me, there’s plenty of singing and dancing,” quips Anurag.