Ravi Chopra plans Rs 1+ billion Mahabharat film

MUMBAI: The unprecedented success of B.R. Films’ television series Mahabharat (1988) has been known to all. Ravi Chopra is now keen to translate this into a feature film. He will be making a feature film on Mahabharat on a budget of Rs 1.25 billion (Rs 125 crore), an amount that has never been worked upon in Indian cinema.


Confirming the development to Businessofcinema.com, Chopra said, “Yes, I am making a six hour long feature film on Mahabharat. It will be unjust to tell the most beautiful story of the world in three hours. Hence I have planned to make a six hour film that will be divided into two parts. The first part will end with the Draupadi Cheerharan scene.”


He further adds, “The two parts of the film will be released on consecutive Fridays. I want to maintain the continuity so it makes no sense to release the second part after two or three months.”


A film releasing in two parts on consecutive Friday’s is also something that has never done before. So how confident is he of a strategy like this to work? Chopra says, “The audience who goes to see part one will definitely come to the theatres to see the second part as well. So I do have a secured set of audience.”

The script of the film is being worked upon by the script department of B R Films. When asked if the television series will be of help to his feature film, Chopra says, “The television sequences will help us in scripting. In fact I am editing the Mahabharat series to six hours so that I will get a fair idea about the feel of the film.”


The starcast of the film has not been finalized but going by the number of characters in Mahabharat one can definitely expect a huge ensemble of cast in the film. Chopra plans to take the film on floors by December 2007.

Rohini Bhandari

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