Ravi Kishaan to host NDTV Imagine’s past life reality show


MUMBAI: NDTV Imagine is planning a new reality show called Raaz – Pichhle Janam Ka, which will be hosted by Ravi Kishaan.

The new show unlocks the secrets of our past lives by using the technique of Past Life Regression to find answers to questions that trouble us in our current lives.

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses conscious meditative technique to recover memories of our past lives. It helps address fears, phobias and even physical ailments in our present day lives by finding their roots in our previous lives. The Past Life Regression sessions will be conducted by the clinical psychologist and practitioner Dr. Trupti Jayin.

Dr. Jayin will help the participants achieve a state of higher consciousness before taking them back into their past. The show will feature an equal mix of celebrities and unknown faces with unique stories. Participants on the show will be accompanied by their friends and family.

NDTV Imagine EVP content Shailja Kejriwal said, "The TV audience of today is seeking new ways to be entertained and informed and have responded exceptionally well to reality programming. The content of the show is backed by extensive research, a proven scientific technique and a high gloss setting, making an instant impact on the audience! Whether one has a nagging fear, phobia or ailment or is simply curious about past life, this is one show that is bound to have a lasting impact. We are also very excited to have Ravi Kishaan as the host of the show as he is someone who can create an instant affinity, not just with the participants but also with the audience."

Ravi Kishaan added, "From the moment I first heard the concept I knew I wanted to be a part of this show! This show promises to be very engrossing and it will draw audiences leaving them curious with many questions about their own past lives."

Raaz-Pichhle Janam Ka is produced in association with Ideas Box Productions.