Ravi Kishan goes rowdy in Mani Ratnam’s Raavana

MUMBAI: Ravi Kishan has finally wrapped up shooting for his Mani Ratnam film, Raavana. The actor had to work hard on not just his looks but also on his performance to keep up with Ratnam’s impeccably high standards.
In Ratnam’s  Raavana, the actor plays the big brother to Abhishek Bachchan. Talking about his film, the actor revealed, "The film is very rustic, but I play a rowdy character. I am married and have a baby too, but I live with my gun. At the slightest provocation, the gun, which is always inside my trouser pocket, rears its ugly head and I am ready to shoot. I am unpredictable."
Working with Ratnam has been an experience. The actor said, "Initially Mani wanted me to emote in a particular manner. But I do not know the formal technique of acting. I go completely by instinct. And invariably the instinctive response works. Moreover, Mani also let me be after a point. He realized that my approach to the character is working out fine."
While Kishan was working with Ratnam, he got an offer to do Shyam Benegal’s next. Kishan proudly recollected his experience, "After Welcome to Sajjanpur, there is a thirst in Shyam babu to do films. He signed me for Abba Ka Kuan. But somewhere down the line, the film’s title got changed to Veldon Appa. Acting with Boman Irani was great fun. Minissha Lamba too is in the film. Even that film will win me applauses."
No hint of over confidence in Kishan’s voice or expression as he says it, just an expression of having done a good job. In his second innings at Bollywood, Kishan is having a blast, doing good films and making good money.