Real estate firm Amrapali Group forays into films

    MUMBAI: Indian real estate firm Amrapali Group has forayed into the entertainment sector by launching its film production arm called Amrapali Media Vision.

    Amrapali Media Vision’s debut film is titled Dear Friend Hitler. The movie places Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies of peace and non-violence front and center, derives its name from two letters Gandhi composed to the dictator in 1939 and 1940 to try to prevent and end the Second World War.

    The company will be led by Amrapali Group chairman and managing director Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma.

    Amrapali Media Vision has multiple projects in the pipeline. Present titles in development include films with strong social messages that the company hopes will push audiences to reflect on societal injustices – especially those that plague modern Indian. With these next projects, the producers aim to use cinema as a tool to drive social change in a positive direction throughout the 21st century and beyond.