Real Image ushers digital 3D era into Indian cinema


    Mumbai: With the introduction of Stereoscopic Digital Cinema (3D), Real Image Media Technologies (RIMT) has heralded a resurgence of the film exhibition industry that is trying to draw the audience back into the movie theatres again.

    Following their recent major initiatives against movie piracy with the forensic watermarking system, Real Image has announced Stereoscopic digital playback capability (more commonly known as Digital 3D) on their Qube XP Digital Cinema servers, thus revolutionizing the industry.

    3D Digital cinema can be experienced with both active and passive eyewear. The Active System has battery operated eyeglasses using Liquid Crystal Shutters that open and close rapidly to show each eye the appropriate image. The Polarizing System has the Left Eye and Right Eye images polarized differently and uses passive eyeglasses with polarizing filters to allow each eye to see the appropriate image.

    It also requires a silver screen to preserve the polarization. The Qube XPD digital cinema server supports both active and passive 3D technologies, enabling exhibitors to give their patrons the latest, most immersive movie experience available.

    Already setting cash registers ringing across Hollywood with movies like Beowulf, Hannah Montana and Meet the Robinsons, Digital 3D has been touted as the next big thing in the entertainment industry.

    In fact, it is so immersive that music concerts and sports have already started cashing in on the experience that is said to be more spell binding than the live event. More than 20 Hollywood productions have already been announced on the 3D format, due for release over the next two years.

    Commenting on Digital 3D Era, Real Image director Senthil Kumar said, "With digital cameras and digital projection making 3D production and exhibition much more practical, we hope to be the catalyst that brings this additional dimension to Indian cinema. In the not too distant future, a substantial number of films will be made in stereoscopic 3D and this will not only keep the audiences coming back for more but also help defeat piracy."

    Real Image director Jayendra Panchapakesan added, "Digital cinema is practical and cost-effective in production, post-production, distribution and exhibition. It enhances all aspects of cinema and offers the viewer an outstanding experience."