Reliance ADAG’s BIG TV DTH to offer 32 movie channels


Mumbai: Reliance BIG TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Communications launched 32 exclusive movie channels including a dedicated Kannada movie channel.

The company also launched India’s first subscription Video on Demand (VoD) service on BIG TV DTH using which BIG TV customers can watch 600 movies every year.

"BIG TV truly harnesses the convergence of technology, information, and entertainment to deliver the largest bouquet of content, ever done in India. BIG TV Customers would have access to 32 exclusive movie channels over and above the currently available movie channels. South India is the fastest growing, fiercely competitive, and most exciting market for BIG TV to be in," said Reliance Communications president – application services group Mahesh Prasad.

"Regional Movie Channels including a dedicated Tamil Movie Channel, with fully Digital Picture and Sound experience, would be amongst the key differentiators to create an unmatched Home Entertainment Service in South Indian TV homes," he added.

BIG TV DTH service is available at 1-lakh retail outlets, including over 240 Reliance World and 2000 Reliance Mobile Stores, across 6500 towns in the country. BIG TV DTH Service would be available at 6552 outlets, including 18 Reliance World and 48 Reliance Stores, across 388 cities in Karnataka. Over 28885 outlets across 1614, South Indian towns would retail BIG TV’s Fully Digital Home Entertainment Service.

"Subscription Video-on-Demand would redefine Pay-per-View market in the country by making premium content affordable and accessible at click of a button. BIG TV DTH is undoubtedly the Best Value Proposition for Home Entertainment Service for the 120 Mn Indian TV households", said BIG TV DTH CEO Arun Kapoor.

Using the worlds, ost advanced MPEG 4 technology, a generation ahead of MPEG 2 platform used by other DTH operators; BIG TV DTH offers over 200 TV, cinema, and audio channels.

"The BIG TV brand marks the beginning of a new era of TV viewing in Indian homes. BIG TV DTH service shift of TV content control from broadcaster to customer hands, through an in-house 32 movies 24X7 multiplex, 10 digital quality music channels, next-generation technologically advanced "easy-to-use" user guides, and plethora of customer delight features," said Reliance Communications group head – brand and marketing Sanjay Behl.

BIG TV’s fully digital home entertainment service is available at Rs 1490 including set of box, subscription is free and for Rs 500 free 12 months subscription.