Reliance ADAG’s online arms launch campaign for thriller flick 13B


MUMBAI: Reliance ADAG’s arms, BIG Flix and BIG Adda have launched a campaign around BIG Pictures upcoming thriller 13 B starring R Madhavan.

BIG Pictures has launched a contest based on the film’s supernatural thriller theme called ‘Have You Been Spooked’. Entries have been thrown open to audiences; to send in stories of their spooky experiences and stand a chance to win Rs 1 lakh. Short listed entries will also be evaluated for development into a BIG Pictures film.

The contest will also be promoted on the film’s website BIG Pictures has also planned an online promotion campaign for ’13B Fear has a new address’. This campaign will be seen across, BIG Flix and BIG Adda.

Additionally, Zapak has launched a website – – that sports a haunted house, which gives access to true ghost stories and also leads to the most haunted places in India. The microsite will also allow the users to post in their comments related to ghost stories, haunted places.

Zapak Digital Entertainment chief operating officer Arun Mehra said, " has created this microsite with the intention of reaching out to the audience interested in horror and ghost related information. You will be surprised by the number of people interested in scary and horror stories. We were approached to create a game on the movie. But we decided to take it a step further and create a dedicated microsite on the same."

Actor R. Madhavan said, "We have received overwhelming response on the promos and trailers of 13B across different platforms including the online space especially social networking sites. This contest, is a great way for participants to make money out of stories which can actually spook people out; May the spookiest win!! As an audience member, I am definitely excited about this spooky contest on"

BIG Pictures chief marketing officer Saurabh Varma added, "The contest is aimed at connecting with and engaging the film’s audience. Interesting entries hold the potential to become the next BIG project. We are very excited about the association with, BIG Flix and BIG Adda to utilize the benefits of the online space to help fans connect with ’13B- Fear has a new address’ on a different platform altogether."