Reliance Big Pictures files FIR against Ghaizabad theatre for pirating 3 Idiots


MUMBAI:  Reliance Big Pictures has filed FIR in Ghaizabad against Galaxy Cinema based in Kaushambi, UP suspected of aiding to make pirated DVDs of the recently released hit 3 Idiots.


Based on the technical information of cap code marking on each print of the film, the pirated DVD of 3 Idiots were found in Delhi and tracked by Reliance and stopped.


“Movie piracy is not a victimless crime. Not only does piracy have a financial impact on Reliance Big Pictures, it negatively impacts jobs of people in the film industry and related businesses. We are committed to take a strong, proactive position in protecting copyrights, and are hopeful that our support of strong anti-piracy efforts will be instrumental in developing a growing and vibrant marketplace for Indian films. We would like to see strict action against the offenders, sending out a strong message," said Reliance Big Pictures COO Distribution Kamal Gianchandani.


Reliance Big Pictures has been aggressively involved with curbing piracy for their past films like Paa wherein they proactively conducted online, physical raids across key in association with the concerned authorities to secure the smooth functioning of both its print and online rights. This helped curb piracy of the film in a big way.


The Indian film industry has stepped up its fight against film piracy both at home and overseas. According to a recent study, India’s entertainment industry loses $4 billion, and 800,000 jobs a year due to piracy.