Reliance Retail launches RelianceTimeOut


MUMBAI: Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) has launched a specialty store “Reliance TimeOut” on Cunningham Road in Bangalore. This store houses books, music, stationery, toys and gifts.

After the launch of Reliance Fresh, Reliance Mart, Reliance Digital, Reliance Trendz, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Wellness and Reliance Jewels, this is the eight format of stores from Reliance Retail to be launched in India.

Spread over 21,000 sq feet and with over 56,000 products, Reliance TimeOut offers the customers an extensive range of merchandise in books, music, stationery, toys and gifts.

Reliance Retail president and CEO Lifestyle Bijou Kurien said, “In today’s world, with all the pressures, stress and workload at office, home and school, we need a place where we can unwind and relax, where we can browse, buy a book, sample some music, choose a gift, buy a toy, or some exclusive stationery for ourselves. At Reliance Timeout, we offer a comprehensive range of products in these categories along with a fascinating customer experience in a warm, lively ambience.”

In books, Reliance TimeOut has over 30,000 titles, sourced from national and international publishers. Reliance TimeOut also has a range of academic and professional books and vernacular books in six languages, apart from fiction, popular genres and a huge children’s section. To help enhance this experience the store has a kid’s wall, where kids can cuddle-up with a book. In music and movies Reliance TimeOut has over 12,000 titles sourced from leading international and national music companies.

Listening pleasure is enhanced by the imported sound domes which provide hygienic sampling of music. Reliance TimeOut also has a Karaoke Studio where the customer can sing-along with a song of their choice and record it in a professional quality recording studio. There is also a cafe at the store.

Searching for your favourite music and books is efficiently handled by a search engine and complemented by knowledgeable and energetic staff, so that customers can easily find what they want in a store of this size. The stationery section has over 7000 products. For the first time in India, professional artists too have an exciting range of products to buy their art supplies from. The professional series from Pebeo and Canson from France, Vinciana and RGM from Italy and Koh-i-noor from the Czech Republic and the Hobby Art products are truly exceptional.

The Toy section with over 3,000 toys in an environment that is a lot of fun for the children. The store also has over 4,000 products in gifts, watches, sunglasses and fragrances.