Remit2India to sponsor IPL semis, finals on YouTube in US


MUMBAI: Remit2India has joined in as the sole sponsor for the streaming of the IPL semis and finals on in the US.


The semi-finals, third place playoff and IPL final matches can be viewed by cricket fans across the US for free via the official IPL Channel on YouTube ( with sponsorship from Remit2India. This is the first time that YouTube will stream a mega sporting event like IPL 2010 in United States.


TimesofMoney president Avijit Nanda said, "Cricket is a religion for many, not just in India, but across the globe. By partnering with YouTube for streaming of IPL semis and finals across US, we will be able to bring cricket fans closer to the action in India. Remit2India has always endeavoured to become the mainstay for the global NRI community by being a part of such path-breaking initiatives."


YouTube’s IPL channel has received more than 40 million views so far for the league matches from almost every country in the world. The US is second only to India in total views for the IPL Channel on YouTube.