Review: Bittoo Boss

Bittoo Boss
Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) is a videographer in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab. He is the man who makes every bride and groom look like a prince and princess and makes every eligible girl glow, and when the DVD of his wedding video is viewed, every person is smiling from ear to ear. Bittoo is the ‘seksi’ local ‘VDO shooter’ who is satisfied with his little happiness-spreading enterprise. That is until Mrinalini (Amita Pathak), the middle class educated girl he falls in love with, is unable to defend his profession, rather watches his humiliation and then challenges him to become rich and successful.

An enraged Bittoo decides to take an ignoble short cut to success – by shooting blue movies of unsuspecting couples on vacation in Shimla. The second half starts with this sleazy slant, as Bittoo has been promised big bucks for these sex videos. Assisting him is Vicky, a driver with a penchant for the sordid, who gets promoted to Bittoo’s assistant. Together they rig up rooms with hidden cameras and wait for the right couple. However Bittoo’s conscience gets the better of him, and his voyeurism takes on a philanthropic angle as he intervenes in personal situations. Realizing the error of his ways he calls Mrinalini leading to yet another conflict point.

Till such time as the movie was set in Punjabi weddings, it was rather fun, but once the love story began, it began to lose focus. After a while you just wondered where the story was going and how Bittoo’s shameless spying could be justified even he did turn it into a good deed. While Bittoo was the nice guy, Mrinalini did not display any attractive traits. Amita Pathak’s performance and onscreen persona further hampered that connection with the audience. Plus the lead pair shares zero chemistry.

Director Supavitra Babul shows aptitude in some scenes but with a silly screenplay and over-stated scenes, the film just plods on becoming tiresome. Samrat is likeable as Bittoo and shows some sparkle but his individuality is hard to spot. Ashok Pathak as Vicky is the find of the film. He is in fact the one reason, if any, to watch this film.

Rating: **