Review: Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3
Will Smith has dusted off his black suit and shades and recharged his neuraliser to return as agent J, an alien-busting special agent. Tommy Lee Jones returns as his senior partner K. But when a prisoner captured by K 40 years earlier escapes from a high security prison, the world as J knows it changes overnight.

Boris the Animal is focused on avenging his capture and severing of one arm. He annihilates K, devastating J who then journeys back to 1969 to change the past and thereby change the present. In the past, Josh Brolin plays the younger K.

Once in 1969, J must get to Boris. His actions will change what happens to K in the future, but it also has other deeper ramifications too.

Along the men in black, director Barry Sonnenfeld is also back as director along with some imaginative and quirky visual effects and a motley bunch of other life forms. The 3D however is pointless.

The script is full off camp humour and running gags that one has come to expect from the franchise. But the franchise also seems to be running out of steam and vigour. Tommy Lee Jones appears past his sell-by date as a special agent while Smith has also lost his earlier cheeky rookie edge, replaced by a robotic indifference. Brolin injects a little freshness but the most entertaining and visually delightful parts of MIB3 are the retro 60s scenes. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Rating: ***