RGV producing Creature for Chekravarty

Mumbai: Director J.D. Chekravarty’s Darwaza Bandh Rakho is due for release on 4 August. He is now busy with his next film titled Creature. It will be produced by Ram Gopal Varma and presented by Adlabs.

Speaking enthusiastically about the film he says, “My film, Creature is literally about creatures. The lead actor and actress are creatures. I am making this film on a big canvas and big budget. It will have a lot of special effects in it.”

He further adds, “The script is ready and is lying with my special effects team since two months. It requires a lot of work and my team will still take more time over it.”

He has not yet signed anybody to play the lead creatures. “I will decide my cast only after my special effects team tells me about the feasibility of the project.”

Is the screenplay an original one or is it an inspiration? “It is absolutely original. Not inspired from any book or any Hollywood film.”

Getting back to Darwaza Bandh Rakho he says “I didn’t want to have a premiere for my film because I believe that if the film is good, people will come to watch it. No premiere will help it in anyway.”

And before ending the conversation he says, “Do come for the press show on Thursday and if you don’t like the film, please feel free to rip it apart!”

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