Rishi Kapoor asked to tone down his dancing skills

Mumbai: Once a dancing star, always a dancing star. Rishi Kapoor left the three debutantes in Student Of The Year breathless with his nimble feet. While shooting a song at Yash Raj Studios for Student Of The Year, Kapoor danced so well, he had to be told to slow down his paces to let the three newcomers Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Malhotra keep pace with him.

A source tells Businessofcinema.com, “It was Farah Khan’s first real chance to choreograph a dance for her first crush Rishi Kapoor and she was excited. Farah had paid Rishi a huge homage in her directorial flick Om Shanti Om and had even incorporated him dancing in Karz to the Om Shanti Om track.”

The dance number in Student Of The Year was to be filmed on the three newcomers. Kapoor was to join them later but the minute Rishi joined in, the kids were unable to keep pace with him.

Apparently Karan Johar and Farah had to request Rishi to slow down his steps to let the kids keep up with him.

When asked about it Farah said, “Karan has asked me to keep mum. I am not supposed to say anything about the number.”

Rishi Kapoor added, “I did dance with the kids for Student Of The Year. It was a real pleasure. They’re wonderfully talented. Funny, how all my career I was known as a dancing star and also someone who introduced new talent. In my heydays I introduced 23 new girls opposite me. Then I lost count of how many girls were introduced as leading ladies with me. Now even as a character actor I am introducing new talent in Student Of The Year. And I am still dancing with newcomers. It feels good.”

Rishi Kapoor is bowled over by the confidence-level of the three newcomers. “Earlier on when I worked with newcomers they used to be so nervous. But that isn’t there with the new breed of newcomers. They’re super-confident.”