Roadside Romeo nominated at Visual Effects Society Awards


    MUMBAI: The Indian film industry has bagged its first nomination at the Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards, also known as the Oscars of the animation and visual effects industry.

    Roadside Romeo, co-produced by Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney, has been nominated in the Outstanding Animation in an Animated Motion Picture category alongside big Hollywood animation films such as Dreamworks’ Kung-Fu Panda and Disney’s Wall-E, apart from Bolt, The Chase and Waltz With Bashir.   

    Yash Raj Films chairman Yash Chopra says, "We are extremely proud about Roadside Romeo’s nomination in VES Awards. This is not just an honour for us, but also recognition and a tremendous boost for the collective vision that Yash Raj Films and Disney had set out to achieve through this unique alliance."

    "We are very proud that Roadside Romeo has been nominated at the VES, which is very big platform from the technical point of view. It was a perfect match of story and animation. We knew Yash Raj Films was a perfect partner and we have been vindicated," said Walt Disney Company (India) managing director Mahesh Samat.

    "This is the Oscars for us. Just the fact that our name and our work was in the same category as the legendary Dreamworks and Pixar was unbelievable. Having said that, we always knew while making Roadside Romeo that we were doing something special. But I guess it’s just the Indian humility that we remain in awe of the work done by these big studios," said of Visual Computing Labs (VCL), the VFX arm of the Tata Group creative director Pankaj Khandpur.  

    Roadside Romeo’s 90 minutes has around 1500 shots and 37 scenes. The entire film was made up of 150000 frames.

    The Annual VES Awards recognizes the outstanding visual effects in over a dozen categories of film, animation, television, commercials and video games and is one of the Premier awards globally.

    This is the first time that a property created in India has been nominated for VES Awards for excellence in visual effects and animation. The awards are scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, just a day before the Oscar night on 21 February, 2009.