Robin Williams’ Flubber to premier on Jetix


MUMBAI: Three-time award winner for music and best actor, Flubber, the story of a brilliant but befuddled professor and his extraordinary invention will premiere on Jetix on 23 September at 6 pm.


The story goes that Professor Phillip Brainard (played by Robin Williams) is on the brink of inventing a revolutionary energy source and missing his wedding for the third time. He’s working with his high voltage, over amorous, flying robot assistant Weebo, on an idea for a substance that’s not only a revolutionary new source of energy, but may well be the salvation of his financially troubled Medfield College where his beloved Sara is the president.


But it all comes together late on the afternoon of his third attempt at a wedding when the professor creates a miraculous goo that when applied to any object: cars, bowling balls-even people-enables them to fly through the air at remarkable speeds. However, many questions remain.