Russell Crowe on Inside the Actors Studio


MUMBAI: On 7 October at 7 pm watch Hollywood celeb Russell Crowe on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ on PIX as chats with James Lipton.


The show get the insider details on Crowe’s career graph as he recalls his foray into acting, as well as his first experience on the professional stage in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”


Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Crowe grew up around actors and fell in love with the profession after performing in elementary school theater productions. He also shares lesser-known details about his early years for eg. his first attempt at performance was in music, not acting. He spun records at local night-clubs under the name ‘Rus Le Roc,’ and started several bands in which he played guitar and sang vocals.


Although Crowe’s music career never really left the ground, his acting career took off after his first film, “Romper Stomper.” Crowe describes his experience filming this movie as well as his second, “The Sum of Us,” in which he plays a gay working-class man.


The actor’s early work caught the eyes of audiences world-wide, and he went on to star in such acclaimed films as “L.A. Confidential,” “Mystery, Alaska,” “The Insider,” “Gladiator,” and “A Beautiful Mind.” He is however well known for his hot temper and infact has been involved in a number of altercations in recent years.


Married to Australian singer and acteress Danielle Spencer, Crowe met Spencer while filming The Crossing (1990). They have two sons: Charles “Charlie” Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe.