RVML launches $5 million 2D animation feature Lava Kusa, The Warrior Twins


    MUMBAI: Hyderabad based business group, Rayudu Group’s Rayudu Vision Media Limited (RVML) launched its animation movie Lava Kusa, The Warrior Twins at JW Marriot in Mumbai.

    Lava Kusa, The Warrior Twins is a $5 million 2D animated feature film, which will be releasing in four languages; English, Hindi, Telegu and Tamil. The film targets all age groups and is based on the Indian mythology, Ramayana. The film tells the story of the twins Luv and Kush.


    The film has been directed by Telegu film director, Dhavala Satyam. Speaking to Businessofcinema.com Satyam said, “ I have directed about twenty-two films in Telegu, Tamil and Kannada but the experience of directing an animated feature film is totally different and very interesting. I have really enjoyed doing this film and look forward to doing more.”


    The dialogues for the Hindi version of the film have been written by Dharmesh Tiwari and actors like Arun Govil and Vindu Dara Singh have lent their voice to the characters of Ram and Hanuman respectively.


    The duration of the film is 2 hours and is slated to release during the summer of 2010. While the Hindi and English version of the film will be released first, the Telegu and Tamil version will release a bit later.


    RVML creative director and producer Rayudu V. Shashank said, “We have worked very hard on this film. We had about 400 artistes working on the film and the USP of the movie is that it’s targeted to all the age groups. We are planning to release about 150 to 200 prints of the film.”