Saawariya stars meet INOX contest winners


MUMBAI: Saawariyan debutants Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor graced the recently inaugurated INOX C Scheme multiplex in Jaipur.

The team interacted with INOX patrons and also met the winners of the ‘INOX Meet the Stars’ contest where 20 INOX patrons were chosen through a lucky draw.

Said Sonam, “I love movies and theatres and INOX at C Scheme is fabulous! It is vibrant, grand and attractive and one can literally smell the freshness and newness of the multiplex. I have seen multiplexes in all the big cities and this is as good as any of them. Thank you INOX Jaipur for inviting us.”

INOX C Scheme general manager Ajay Pal added, “INOX is constantly looking at ways to make the movie going experience more interesting for its patrons. To this end, INOX regularly hosts star visits, film festivals and contests and promotions and the Saawariya star visit is just the beginning!”

Located in the heart of the pink city, INOX C Scheme has three screens and 849 seats and is the third INOX multiplex in Jaipur. INOX has 19 multiplexes with 65 screens in 15 cities across India.