Safe landing on Highway 203!

Mumbai: A pilot in Indian Airlines, Prince Dandona, has shifted gears. Starting off with international events like Bollywood and music awards, he has recently completed his maiden film Highway 203. He has handled the directorial reigns to first-timer Shadaab Khan, son of late Amjad Khan. Perizaad Zorabian of Joggers Park has a double role while Kay Kay Menon plays a psychopath. Arif Zakaria plays an investigative police officer.

Prince Dandona wanted to be a producer since a long time. The script of Shadaab Khan energised him to become a filmmaker. “Highway 203 is an unusual suspense thriller. It tells the story of the murder of a wife at the hands of her novelist – psychopath husband and how the cops follow its bloody trail, says Dandona. He further adds that the climax is the first of its kind in the realm of Hindi thrillers.

After playing a hero in Raaja Ki Aayegi Baraat opposite Rani Mukherji and then appearing in Hey! Ram and Refugee, actor Shadaab Khan has plunged into direction with this film. Incidentally, Ahlam Khan, his younger sister, is also making her debut as a screenplay writer with this film. “I wanted to do something more creative and so, I started writing this script with my sister. The story begins with a woman’s killing on Highway No. 203,” explains Shadaab Khan.

Budgeted at Rs. 25 million, the film has only one song. Prince Dandona is looking for a world-wide distributor rather than selling it territory wise.

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