Sahara One Media and Entertainment revamps Filmy

MUMBAI: Sahara One Media and Entertainment’s Hindi movie channel Filmy will sport a new look from today (18 August 2009).
Riding on the new Hindi movie titles that were recently acquired, the idea is to embark on a self-renewal process to capture the essence of Bollywood. Leveraging on Filmy’s recently acquired rights to telecast films like Golmaal Returns, Welcome, Singh Is Kinng and Ghajini amongst others, the channel is looking at renewing the pledge to its viewers to showcase the best of Bollywood in a fun and unique manner.
The degree of passion and empathy one associates with Bollywood will be encapsulated in the reflective imagery of Filmy’s new packaging concept. Conceived and design by the channel’s in-house team, the depth and extent of this relationship in the Indian psyche with the make-believe world of Bollywood, is sought to be brought out by depicting alter-egos and mirror images through the audio-visual medium.
The revamp strategy will serve as an augmenter of the channel’s tagline – Maa Kasam FILMY Hai, which is now being positioned across all promotions, off and on-air. The Filmy brand film will use Inspector Late (pronounced Lattey) as a mascot. Inspector Late is a character who has the dubious distinction of being late for everything except for being on time to watch all blockbusters on Filmy "because missing a film on Filmy would be a crime." The character will underscore the fact that ‘Filmy Par Ek Bhi Film Miss Karna Paap Hai! Kyunki Maa Kasam Filmy Sab Ka Baap Hai!’
Filmy business head Rajeev Chakrabarti said, "We are upbeat about the refreshingly new packaging exercise that will certainly enhance the content, style and quality of presenting Hindi movies on television. Besides, the acquisition of the fresh titles to add to our existing vast and rich film library, will ensure that Filmy will deliver even better on its promise of entertaining India. We are confident that our most important constituents – the viewers, trade and media- will agree with us when they tune-in to the compelling appeal of Filmy."