Sahara’s Subroto Roy in a chat on Radio One



September 2007: “People dream in their personal lives, and personal life has no meaning for us, in fact, community life is everything. The organization should move ahead. Our growth is in the growth of the organization”, says Sahara Shri, Subroto Roy, while talking about his and the Sahara Group’s growth from Rs. 2,000 humble beginning to the current Rs. 50,000 crore Sahara Group.

The Sahara Shri, in an exclusive interview with Sanjay Srivastava, the India Editor of BBC Hindi, shared the passion he has for his work and actually putting into practice the learnings he got from his father about standing by friends in their bad times. 

The Sahara Shri has been hailed and accepted as a visionary by one and all but he says his secret lies in living for the present. “I want to say again that I wasn’t one to dream. I always lived in the present. If you ask me about today then I can tell you everything about what we are doing, but if you ask me what are plans are for ten years down the line, I won’t be able to tell you anything,” is his candid confession.

The interview that traces his life and times right from his starting days, his phenomenal growth, his brush with glamour, entertainment, showbiz; his respect and admiration for Mother Teresa, his closeness to the Bachchan family, the Ambanis and his soft corner for Waheeda Rehman, the actress of yesteryears, promises to be entertaining and informative as he opens his heart out to the listeners, giving them a chance to know the real Sahara Shri.

Tune in to Radio One FM 94.3 to know more about the persona of Subroto Roy at 12 noon on Sunday, 9th September 2007.

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