Randhir Kapoor wants Kareena’s wedding in Mumbai

Mumbai: It’s quite logical really, to have the year’s biggest wedding and we don’t need to state which one would be held in Mumbai instead of Saif Ali Khan’s native place – Pataudi, as planned earlier.

It was the father of the bride Randhir Kapoor who approached the mother of the bridegroom Sharmila Tagore requesting that the venue be shifted from the Pataudi’s ancestral place to amchi Mumbai.

Says a source, “Sharmilaji was keen for the wedding to be held in Pataudi. That’s where her husband Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi would have wanted the wedding to be. And since the whole family, including Kareena, is going by what Sharmilaji desires for the wedding the venue was decided. But then Kareena’s parents had a valid objection the wedding being held in Pataudi. Most of  their family and friends were in Mumbai. Beside Randhir’s mother Mrs Krishna Raj Kapoor is unable to travel. So Randhir Kapoor requested Sharmilaji for a shift to a Mumbai wedding.”

Now  a big fat Punjabi-Bengali-Muslim wedding is being chalked out in Mumbai for October 16.

Yes, that remains the date for the wedding, as confirmed by Sharmila Tagore. So one wonders why Kareena and Saif are protesting about ‘D’ day, going to extent of denying the date confirmed by Sharmila Tagore!

Says a source close to the family, “It’s the fear that the minute Kareena’s wedding date is announced the producers would baulk at signing her. Kareena will first sign a slew of plum assignments to start post the wedding before the date is announced.”

Confirming these developments Sharmila said, “As far as I know it (the wedding) is still on 16 October.” Regarding rumours that the wedding would be held in London, the outspoken mother retorts, “Why London? Daboo (Randhir Kapoor) wants it to be in Mumbai.So the venue is most probably Mumbai.”

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