Saif’s and Soha’s production house canned

Mumbai: A few weeks back it was learnt that Saif Ali Khan along with sister Soha is going to launch a production house. But no one heard any further news on that. met up with Saif while he was busy with the promotion of his forthcoming film Omkara. He jokingly said, “I think these rumors were spread by me only.”

So is it that true that there is no production house in the pipeline? “Production house was just an idea that I got too excited about. But after giving it much thought I decided I should just stick to the game I know best- acting. I would like a little more creative control but not production”, said Saif.

He further says, “It’s too much of head ache. I like to work and then go home. I don’t mind working hard for 16 hours at a stretch, but I do not want to hang around and wonder if the work happened or not.”

But would he want to venture into this business a little later in life? “Yes. May be later. But I don’t want to think about it now”

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