Sajid Nadiadwala appoints casting agents for Kambakth Ishq


Mumbai: Sajid Nadiadwala has appointed the casting directors of reality show Entourage–Susan Paley Abramson and Justine Hempe–as the casting agents for the Hollywood stars for Kambqat Ishq.

Confirming the development Kambakth Ishq line producer based in Los Angeles Prashant Shah said, "We have signed the casting agents of Entourage as the casting agents for Hollywood stars for Kambakth Ishq. This move only goes to show that the Hindi film industry is getting increasingly globalized. Powerful producers like Sajid Nadiadwala are now confident that Hollywood stars are within their reach."

Adds Nadiadwala, "We have a certain vision for our production company NGE (Nadiadwala Grandsons Entertainment). Since Kambakth Ishq is based in Hollywood, it would make perfect sense to appoint partners who would streamline the requirements as per the script. We, and our line producer in Hollywood, have taken a call to appoint various agents for the expertise they have to offer. As our Indian film industry is making its presence felt and going global, I would like my banner Nadiadwala Grandson to think on a bigger scale."

The film stars Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor and will be directed by debutant Sabar Khan. It will be shot extensively in Los Angeles.

Kambakth Ishq is also reported to have Arnold Schwazzenegar and Beyonce play vital roles in the film. In the film, Kumar plays a Hollywood stuntman, hence Arnold’s inclusion. Beyonce too is reportedly doing a sizzling act in the film.