Salim Khan loves ‘Vicky Donor’ & awards Shoojit Sircar

MUMBAI: Salim Khan, who has been a recipient of many awards, loved new release ‘Vicky Donor’. To show his appreciation, the 76 year old called Director Shoojit Sircar to his home and awarded him with one of his own trophies.

"I couldn`t believe it was Salim Khan when I received the call. He said, ‘I saw your film with 10 women in my house and we all loved it. I don`t know how you made this film. I even spoke to your scriptwriter. Both of you have done a commendable job so I want to give you an award from my side’," Shoojit told reporters.

Released on 20th April, ‘Vicky Donor’ starring debutants Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gupta, has been appreciated by the entire film industry for its sensitive handling of the topic of sperm donation.

Shoojit, who was very honoured by this gesture of the veteran scriptwriter, further shared, "He said that if this script was offered to him he would have turned it down because he couldn`t handle such a subject. After giving me the black trophy he asked me to hand it down as a legacy if I like somebody else`s work after some years. It was a very humble gesture on his part."