Salman Khan – Anees Bazmi sort out differences

    MUMBAI: Salman Khan and writer-director Anees Bazmi have sorted out their differences. They are all set to start work on their next project, the long-in-the-pipeline sequel to Bazmi’s No Entry that has been pending, depending on the way the winds blew with the rapport between the superstar Khan and the prolific Azmi.
    According to sources, the problems with the No Entry sequel were not so much creative as extraneous.
    A source tells, “There was so much friction about the content, cast, song picturization and editing of Ready between Salman bhai and Anees bhai, we thought they’d never be able to work together again. See, Anees bhai is a writer and director. This is the first time (Ready) that he directed a film he hadn’t written. It was also the first time that the hero had so much of a say in what went in a film. Anees was taken aback by the level of Salman’s participation. He had heard of Aamir taking avid and active interest in every department of a film. So when one works with Aamir one knows what to expect. But Anees didn’t know how much Salman’s interest-level in the process of making a film had risen since Anees and Salman last worked together in No Entry. Since Dabangg Salman is determined to contribure to every aspect of film. Now finally after the release of Ready and the impressive boxoffice collection Anees has come to terms with Salmanbhai’s working methods.”
    It happened on Friday evening, and it’s not coincidental that the film had been declared a hit. Apparently while attending screenings of Ready in various theatres Salman casually mentioned to Anees that they must start their next film “asap”.
    That was the cue that the director needed to wash away all the friction between them during the shooting of Ready. The ever-Ready combination will now start work on No Entry Mein Entry.
    Anees has only one pre-condition for the No Entry sequel. It should not be a remake and that is fine by Salman, who is currently working in a remake of two South Indian films.
    Anees confirms that he will now plunge into No Entry Mein Entry with Salman’s good wishes for an original script. “Yes, Salman bhai and I did talk about our next project. It will be the sequel to No Entry and it will be an original script.”