Salman Khan clarifies on misinterpreted 26/11 controversial comment


MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan, who is basking in the glory of Dabangg’s success, has made an official clarification on the comment he made regarding the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai.


The actor said that the media has misinterpreted his statement and that he has been misquoted. Khan says, “I gave an interview about three weeks ago and now at this festive time of Eid and Ganesh Utsav, it has been twisted around. I saw it myself and the way it is coming across on TV, it is sounding insensitive.”

He further adds, “I was just saying that life is equal whether it is a rich man or a poor man – it is the same. Some attacks get more media coverage than the others. Why is that? I think every human life is as important. Any act of terrorism, anywhere in the world, is unpardonable. A terrorist has no nationality, no religion, no guts. I’ve always had and will always have faith in our intelligence, agencies, armed forces and police. I did not mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments and if I have hurt anybody’s sentiments, then I am really really sorry.”