Salman Khan gets single screens back in business again


    MUMBAI: "We have come out from the ICU," declares Mumbai’s largest single screens G-7 owner Manoj Desai. With the release of Salman Khan starrer – Wanted, there has been a huge influx of film audiences rushing into theatres to catch the actor’s latest theatrics. With the Eid holidays coinciding with the release of the film, the single screens are rejoicing at this renewed vigour and sales of film tickets.

    With the increase of multiplexes in the cities, more and more film producers have been catering to the niche tastes of urban India, but Wanted has all the ingredients of a Manmohan Desai potboiler with liberal doses of action, romance and lots of drama. The aam junta has found a film to their taste and with Salman Khan at the helm of affairs, the crowds are back to the old fashioned screens to watch the film.

    Desai tells, "Salman Khan has always been the actor of the masses. He is the only actor that has given a huge hit every decade. From his first film as a hero, Maine Pyar Kiya, which released in the late 80s to Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in the mid 90s and now Wanted. He has rejuvenated our fortunes and that’s why films like What’s Your Raashee? are encashing on this windfall."

    However, this is not the first time that a Salman khan film has brought audiences back to the theatres. With the release of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and the subsequent decision of the film producers – the Barjatiyas – not to sell the video rights of this film, audiences had to return to the theaters to watch Salman Khan woo Madhuri Dixit in the wedding saga of a film. That put an end to video cassette sales in the country and theatres were back in business.

    Ask Salman about his success rate and apart from a bashful smile, the actor says, "It’s all in the hands of God. I am only doing what I know. I am just glad that people are doing good business while others are getting their entertainment dose."