Salman Khan knew he had to get treated


Mumbai: Salman Khan had planned his time out for treatment this week in the US for some time. As his travel plans are being concretized at this very moment, it is being decided which members of his family will accompany Salman, the question now looming over Salman’s schedules is, which of his films would get affected because of his illness?

It turns out, Salman had planned his time to the US for treatment for some time now.

Says a source, “Salman was aware of the growing urgency to get his condition treated. He had been trying to live with the ailment for as long as he could. It now came to stage where he had to take matters into his hand. So recently he requested Yashraj to relieve him from the shooting of Ek Tha Tiger. The rest of his pending projects had been put on hold.”

All of Salman’s producer-friends had been informed that he needs to take time out. Says a source, “While Salman’s brothers Arbaaz and Sohail had quietly postponed their projects with Salman to next year, Sajid Nadiawala too knew of Salman’s condition and decided to put Kick off until next year.”

That leaves Salman to go through Ek Tha Tiger at a leisurely pace for the rest of the year even as he takes time off for treatment and recuperation.

The Yashraj spokesperson confirms that the banner was aware of Salman’s travel plans for his treatment. “The Ek Tha Tiger schedule doesn’t get affected by Salman’s health problem since the time to be taken out was built into the schedule. Given the commitment he had asked us to account for it. We knew about it so we planned the schedule accordingly.”

Meanwhile the travel plans are yet to concretize. Salman’s brother Sohail confirms that Salman is to travel for treatment in the next few days. It’s now being decided who will accompany him.