Salman Khan loses his six pack abs for Dabangg


Mumbai: The epitome of cool and macho Salman Khan with heavy heart lost his six pack abs for his forthcoming film Dabangg on brother Arbaaz Khan’s request.

Khan who’s back bigger, better than ever in Arbaaz Khan Production’s Dabangg had to lose his bulk to play a lethargic Bihari cop whose fitness levels are far from top notch in the film that promises to be one of the most entertaining flicks in recent times in true Khan style!

To look the part Khan went on a special diet and indulged in his cravings to get rid of his iconic abs. However the star that does not miss a single workout session learned table tennis so that he didn’t have to compromise entirely on his fitness level.

Dealing with the unlawful practices in UP and Bihar, Dabangg is an amalgamation of reality and electrifying energy that only Khan can bring to the screen.