Salman Khan shoots for Dus Ka Dum despite Myjaan’s death

MUMBAI: Salman Khan is grieving. The actor lost his pet dog Myjaan late Tuesday night. Myjaan was keeping ill health for some time and the actor had taken it to the pet hospital in Lower Parel for treatment. Salman’s personal van was kept outside the hospital so that Myjaan could have personal space. However, Myjaan finally succumbed to illness and passed away in Salman’s home in Bandra.
A close friend of the actor said, "Salman lost Myson, his other dog a few months back. And the loss of Myjaan so soon is a double blow. But the actor chose to honour his work commitment and reported on the sets of Dus Ka Dum, which is so typical of him. People accuse him of not caring, but Salman understands deadlines and so he made it for the shoot."
Salman came in to RK Studios to shoot for Dus Ka Dum, which has got an extension due to its huge popularity and his interaction with fans. The actor also spent some time with people from an NGO to discuss some charity work for a cancer hospital in the north east, whilst all the time grieving his loss.
Salman, it is believed was so attached to his dogs that they were treated like his children. This loss will be felt sorely by the actor as he lives alone in his three bedroom flat, which was converted to a one bedroom flat so that they could have a free run of the house.