Salman Khan speaks on acting at Whistling Woods

Mumbai: Acting students of Whistling Woods International were in for a surprise when they had superstar Salman Khan come in as a guest speaker. Khan shared his 22 years of experience in Bollywood with the students and how he has retained himself for so many years.   
He regaled the students with his wit and shared the secrets of being a star actor than just being a good actor. He emphasized on physical fitness, look, style and personality along with quality acting, which they are learning at WWI.

He also emphasized that they needn’t imitate any other actor because then you can never be a star but will always remain a copy of the star.

He also shared his experience working with directors like Sooraj Barjatya, Sanjay Bhassali, David Dhawan and Subhash Ghai. He said, "All of them have different styles of working and I adopt each director’s style to give my best. Every actor has to know and understand the director first before he starts working with him. That’s how he can justify a director’s vision. Never try to think opposite of what the director is thinking, it will harm the film".

While speaking on personal grooming he said, "An actor has to be a good human being first, not a pretentious good human being .He must be humble to people even though he exhibits the attitude of a star".

He further added, "An actor must spend a lot of time and care for his body and face because this is the only instrument with any actor to play the role and to exhibit his talent of acting on big screen".