Salman Khan steps into scripting of Dabangg 2; Arbaaz not to star


    MUMBAI: While the shooting of the Dabangg sequel is still some time away, the script for Dabangg 2 is almost complete.

    And here’s the inside news on the way the plot and characters move forward. While the core cast of Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood remains, Arbaaz Khan has decided to not play Salman’s brother in the film.

    A bigger change, thanks to Salman’s insistence, is that the film remains in the North Indian rustic milieu.

    A very reliable source tells, “Initially Arbaaz wanted to relocate the sequel from a rustic to a completely urban milieu. However, Salman felt the geographical and cultural relocation would completely take away from the USP of Dabangg. He told Arbaaz and the writer Dilip Shukla in no uncertain terms that Dabangg 2 remains in the cow belt. So now the story will be shifted from the village of UP to a small town like Kanpur or Ghaziabad in the State where Maywati rules.”

    The decision to keep Arbaaz out of the core cast is entirely personal.

    Adds the source, “Arbaaz has himself decided he can’t wear three caps all at once. Going from being the producer to producer-director for Dabangg 2 is hard enough for Arbaaz. To do one of the pivotal roles in addition to his two responsibilities is too much for Arbaaz. Salman in fact insisted that Arbaaz play his brother but Arbaaz backed out.”

    Chances are, Sohail would step into the role of Salman’s brother in Dabangg 2.

    When contacted, Arbaaz was hesitant to reveal the details of the Dabangg 2’s script and casting. “We have more or less locked in on script. But right now it’s too early reveal details. Whether the milieu remains unchanged or I star in the film or not; I can’t discuss at the moment.”

    However the source confirms that the script for Dabangg 2 is ready and the location and cast are nearly locked. Only Salman’s dates are awaited.