Salman Khan tells Sohail to learn 3D technique for Sher Khan


    MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s clogged schedule this year has proved to be a blessing in disguise for Sohail Khan’s Sher Khan. Sohail says he now has time to study about the 3D technique closely so as to make Sher Khan into what Salman wants it to be… the best 3D Film that India has ever produced.

    As per information available with, Salman wants the 3D effects in Sher Khan to be “world-class.” He has therefore asked his brother to get suitably informed and educated in the technique. Sohail will now be heading to the US to get a hang of the technique.
    Speaking to, Sohail says, “As we’ve now decided to make Sher Khan in proper 3D, I need to educate myself about the technique. So we’ve postponed the film to January-February 2012.”

    Sohail says he is comfortable with Salman shooting for Ek Tha Tiger before Sher Khan. “I need the time so now they can comfortably finish before we start. I think it’s better if Bhai does one film at a time.”