Salman Khan to produce films for charity

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan who is hugely inclined towards charity, is now planning to produce movies under the banner of his NGO – ‘Being Human’.
"Yes, there would be films made under the Being Human banner. If the film is a hit, if people see the film, whatever we make from it would go into charity," confirmed Khan in an interview with a leading news channel at the promotional launch of a travel portal. 
Amongst many other philanthropic endeavors taken up by him, the Bollywood superstar previously facilitated the release of 400 inmates who had served their sentence but were locked up due to poverty. 
Recently, Khan arranged a screening of his national award winning production ‘Chillar Party’ for under-privileged children, and also released an 8 point guide on Autism yesterday, World Autism Day.