Salman Khan-anchored 10 Ka Dum to air from 6 June


Mumbai: Salman Khan makes his debut on Indian television on 6 June on Sony’s 10 Ka Dum. The show will be aired every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm.

10 Ka Dum is produced by Siddhartha Basu and Synergy Adlabs. Sohail Khan Entertainment and ICM Entertainment’s Ajay Chabbria are responsible for managing Salman Khan on the show.

Khan’s debut on television is being launched with great fanfare. A show with a simple format, 10 Ka Dum is based on the international show Power of 10, already a hit in countries such as Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and Russia.

Five simple questions about what a cross section of Indians think. The answer has to match with the already polled answers. For example: What percentage of Indian men think it’s important to drink a glass of milk on their wedding night? The grand prize is Rs 100 million (Rs 10 crores).

The questions are interesting and thought provoking but your answers need to get more accurate with each step. For a question for Rs 10,000, your guess needs to be 40% of polled answers, which means you could be 20% above or less. But as the questions move up the range keeps reducing. E.g. –

Rs. 10,000—40%

Rs.1, 00,000-30%

Rs. 10, 00,000-20%

Rs.1 crore-10%

Rs.10 crore-Bulls eye!

Sony executive vice president & business head Albert Almeida said, "10 Ka Dum is truly democratic and universal in its appeal and therefore cuts through both the masses and the classes. It’s not a knowledge-based quiz program rather a show that tests your ability, to think like your country does, on everyday issues. The questions posed are pertinent, not necessarily serious, making the game fun, involving and allowing for great banter between the host, the participant and the studio audiences at large."

Synergy Adlabs CMD Siddhartha Basu said, "This is adrenal-pumping excitement as entertainment – a janata show for the aam aadmi, engaging contestants and viewers alike in a roller-coaster game involving questions of common interest. Viewers will also see Salman Khan in a completely new light as show host. Along with his signature style and showmanship, they’ll experience his sincerity and warmth, and enjoy his explosive bursts of excitement, energy and fun."