Salman Khan’s voice only in ‘Oh My God’ teaser

Salman Khan
MUMBAI: Bollywood director Umesh Shukla has denied that actor Salman Khan narrates the story in his film "Oh My God", clarifying his voice has only be used in the promo.

"It is just in the teaser of the film. He (Salman) will not be narrating in the film. He has that notorious voice. My film is a light-hearted comedy and we need someone whocan do justice to the visuals," Shukla told IANS.

"Oh My God" stars Akshay Kumar, and Sonakshi Sinha will also be seen in one song.

Shukla said Akshay was chosen because he had never done this sort of role before.

"Akshay Kumar has not done this kind of role and I wanted him only to do it. He has the sensibility to portray the character. He has exposure in humour and action but this is a new type of character whichhe has played well," he said.

"Oh My God" is a screen adaptation of Gujarati play "Kanji Virudhh Kanji" which has also been remade in Hindi as "Krishna vs Kanhaiya"

Talking about the changes he has made to the script in its screen adaptation, Shukla said: "There are a lot of changes. A play has 8-9 scenes and film has 85 scenes. Visually and thought wise we have changed the script. Film has a bigger canvas, so the things which we have not been able to do in theplay, we have done in the film."

Shukla is also working on two more scripts which will be ready soon. "I am working on two scripts but I haven’t thought of the titles yet. One is a light hearted comedy and one has a hard-hitting theme. I will have a clearer picture in a month or two," he said.