Samir Karnik’s films go for National Awards, Cannes Film Fest

    Mumbai: Managing a hatrick of sorts, Samir Karnik’s all three movies are competing for awards of some kind or another. Nanhe Jaisalmer (2006) has been sent as a nominee for the National Awards and the other two movies, namely, Roshan and Heroes have gone to the Cannes in the competition category. Both the latter movies are set for release in 2008.
    "Although Nanhe Jaisalmer didn’t do so well at the box office, I believe that it’s worth the national Award," Karnik says.
    This film is based on the ideology of faith and belief. In a trilogy of sorts, the other two movies are also based on similar human ideologies: Where Heroes explores the pride side of it; Roshan delves into the hope factor of life.
    Euphoric at the response his movies have garnered, Karnik is currently working on his next film as director and producer. The movie, called Curfew, is still in its scripting stage.
    Based on the global theme of unity, it follows emotional bonds between friends with a touch of humor. The casting is still sometime away, bur Karnik wants to experiment with a different kind of cast this time around.