Samsung Mobile Fresh Films kicks off


MUMBAI: The one-of-a kind national teen filmmaking program Samsung Mobile Fresh Films announces their official call for entries in search of aspiring teen filmmakers in the US.

Teens can apply for the 2008 competition online at from 27 March – 5 May. Now entering its fifth year, Samsung Mobile Fresh Films will give 99 creative and diverse teens from all over the country the unique opportunity to work on one of nine all-teen film crews challenged to create, shoot, and edit a short festival-quality film in seven action-packed days, this summer.

After receiving thousands of applications, program producers hand-select 99 creative teens, assigning them to work on one film crew in various cities from New York to Los Angeles.

Samsung Mobile Fresh Films believes in breaking through the Hollywood glam to create a film set where the teens replace the pros.

To accomplish that goal the filmmakers learn all aspects of the production from casting, location scouting, storyboarding, shooting and editing all within a week-long window.

"It’s not everyday that teenagers can actually experience something as amazing as Samsung Fresh Films. This competitive program gives teenagers a chance of a lifetime.

When an opportunity, like Samsung Fresh Films, is standing right in front of you, you have to take it and give it your all," expressed 2007 Seattle Samsung fresh filmmaker Antoinette Luzano.

As part of Samsung Mobiles’ dedication to connecting teens with the tools, resources, and emerging technologies, the filmmakers receive Samsung mobile phones.

Teens use these phones during production to communicate with their teams, snap and send photos, and record video messages, communicating the energy of a seven-day production experience. It’s not just a phone anymore; it’s a catalyst for self-expression.

Actor/author and Samsung Mobile Fresh Films juror John Lithgow noted, "It takes a tremendous amount of confidence and courage to do something that is all your own.

Leaders emerge and the ones with talent, the ones with vision, the ones with organizational skills, bit by bit, figure it all out. Very few kids get that opportunity. You only become a filmmaker by making films. [Samsung] Fresh Films is giving them a chance to start early."

After the nine Samsung Mobile Fresh Films productions wrap, the teens’ films debut online where they campaign for the votes of America and the accolades of the Hollywood Jury Panel.

The jury component was created in 2007 in response to teen suggestions expressing that they wanted more constructive criticism from industry pros to create an even more realistic experience in filmmaking.

Jury members included John Lithgow (Actor/Author), Christian Gaines (director of Fests for the American Film Institute), Jeremy Coon (Producer Napoleon Dynamite), Chris Gore (Founder of and Katherine Brooks (MTV and indie film director). The 2008 jury will be announced soon.