Sandeep Roda pleads not guilty

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In a dramatic turn to Pretti Jaiin’s rape case, which stated that Madhur Bhandarkar had raped her 52 times. Fashion Photographer Sandeep Roda from Delhi decided to publicly apologize Pretti Jaiin by inviting the media at the Press Club of Mumbai. “I have not quoted in any statement mentioned in the print that Pretti Jaiin has been clicked by me nude and neither have I ever mentioned that she has blackmailed me or threatened me.”

Expresses the victim of situation Sandeep. A press release mentioning I tender my sincere public apology to Ms. Pretti Jaiin for the defamation and mental agony caused to her and the tarnishing of image that she has suffered because of my prior, manipulated statements in the media. My statements in the media have been manipulated by Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar for his own personal benefit at the time of pendency of anticipatory bail application of Madhur Bhandarkar in Sessions Court in July 2004 in the rape case filed by Ms. Pretti Jaiin against him”. A brief one on one follows:

1. Why did you keep quite for a long period of two and half years?

In fact I was very much confident that nothing is going to happen to me as I was sure that I have not quoted whatever was mentioned in the print media against me. But of late I felt offended of having reduced and tarnished Pretti Jain’s status to roubles by the misquote mentioned by the print media journalist’s.

2. Can you the name the name the publication and journalists?

After a lot of cajoling the fearful fashion photographer opened up with trembling words, “The magazine is Outlook and the journalist is Geeta Sree. The defamation which filed in October 2004 under section 500 of IPC, took so much of time for one reason that I was not being to attend the court case only in the one or two instantces as there were unfateful deaths in my family and in the meanwhile I was trying my level best to contact the above mentioned journalist telephonically which did not fall into her deaf ears and also contacting the editor of Outlook proved in vain.”

3. Why an amicable settlement now?

Yakesh Thakur, my advocate when informed me yesterday that a settlement outside court is what the judge has advised. So I decided to bring the facts in presence of the media and we met the aggrieved she was kind enough not to create any complications for me instead accepted an apology without any conditions after this today at 4.00 my advocate close the case.

4. What is your future action?

I have decided to sue the journalist Geeta Sree and the editor of Outlook magazine for having misquoted me.

5. What if she has your taped voice?

When she has not met me in the first place how can she have my voice taped. This is a clear case of manipulation, which has helped Madhur Bhandarkar get a anticipatory bail. The reason better known to Bhandarkar and the journalist.

On this Pretti Jaiin stated that she is happy at last her name has been cleared and the black mark was removed; and the truth has prevailed. She also stated that she has won since Sandeep Roda has declared in his statement.

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