Sanjay Dutt’s Behind-The-Scenes Interest In Department

Sanjay Dutt
MUMBAI: For the first time in his career Sanjay Dutt is taking a keen  interest in departments other than just the acting in Department.

A source from the film’s co-production house Viacom 18 tells us that for the film being directed by Ram Gopal Varma, Dutt is not only sitting on the editing, he also sat at all music sittings for the film. Dutt, we are told, is also taking a keen interest in the way the scenes are being shot, and other beind-the-scenes production matters.

And the actor and director are often seen locked in heated discussions over shots, angles and other details.

In fact so keen is Dutt’s interest in the project that the tune for an item song was handpicked by Dutt. Ramu, it seems, was sold on a hot Brazilian model doing the needful. But Sanjay Dutt it seems, decided a topnotch Indian A-lister from Bollywood was a far better bet.

Says a source close to the film’s co-producers Viacom 18, "Ramu had all but finalized a Brazilian model. Only the money needed to be settled. The lady was asking for too much money. This is when Sanju  stepped in with his suggestion that they go for a  Bollywood queen. His logic was simple. For the kind of money the Brazilian girl wanted why not get someone big from Bollywood whom the audience would immediately recognize?"

Brazilian plans suitably shelved, the hunt is on for a  Bollywood diva to perform the item song for Department. Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor are out, as they have made it clear that they are not doing any more item songs. We hear Priyanka Chopra is the hottest contender for the item song with Dutt in Department.

We also hear Dutt’s close involvement with the making of Department is an indication of his movement toward full-fledged direction.

When we contacted Vikram Malhotra the CEO of Viacom 18 he said, "Mr Dutt is hands-on in the project. We’re absolutely and pleasantly surprised by his keen interest various departments of Department."

When we asked Malhotra about the change of guard in the item song he said, "Well, no Brazilian model is doing it. We’re getting a Bollywood A-lister  for the item song."