Sanjay Kapoor to get into production

MUMBAI :Youngest of the Kapoor brothers – actor Sanjay Kapoor is set to follow his elder brothers Boney Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s footsteps. Sanjay is all set to venture into production. “I am looking for the right script now. I want to venture into production apart from act with my brother Anil Kapoor. That is my ultimate dream. Nothing has been planned as yet,” he quips.

With his forthcoming film Unns all set for a release the actor is once again back to doing positive roles. The film is being directed by Bhupendra Gupta. “I am not keen on roles being positive and negative. As long as the role is interesting and impresses me I don’t mind doing any role. Provided the role is performance oriented” says Sanjay.

Sanjay goes on to talk about his role in Unns. “I am playing the role of a obsessed husband. He has a background of a broken family and he believes that marriage is sanctity. It is for keeps. Usually in Indian marriages one finds that the woman does all the adjusting, but here in Unns it is the husband who wants to hold his marriage. His wife is a model before marriage and her past comes up. She has no repercussions about her past life” quips Sanjay.

What do you enjoy the most negative or positive performance he quickly rejoins “I enjoy roles that gives me scope to perform as an actor. It is not that I jumped into negative roles by choice. I liked the role in Qayamat and it became a huge success. When the director of Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche approached me with two roles I preferred the negative guy’s role. I wanted to prove that my caliber is not stunted to playing a hero running around d trees. I am glad I did these two films. It changed the very image of a negative character. I have proved that being a villain does not mean you have to look dangerous. One can be dangerous in spite of being extremely good looking. That typical image of a villain has changed now”.

Speaking of his forthcoming films Sanjay adds. “I am doing Dilip Sood’s Beach. Dilip is a wonderful director. He has made many documentaries and ad-films. He is a very happening director who knows the pulse of the Indian audiences. It is a two woman-one man story. It is once again the story of a married man”.

Hrishita Bhatt plays the lead opposite Sanjay.

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