Satish Kaushik acquires rights of Tamil film Pithamagan

    Mumbai: After making the Hindi adaptation of Bala’s movie Sethu, as Tere Naam, Satish Kaushik is ready to remake another Tamil blockbuster.

    The filmmaker has acquired the copyrights of the movie Pithamagan that was also directed by Bala. Kaushik says, “I had seen Pithamagan at the big screen in 2003. The story and especially the character played by Vikram moved me. Ever since then I have wanted to remake it and now I can!”

    Vikram had won a National Award and Surya became a blockbuster star. “For this movie I am going to cast two strong actors. One of them an action hero with innocent looks. But I haven’t narrowed down on names,” says Kaushik.

    Kaushik wants to cast actor Saif Ali Khan or Hrithik Roshan for the character Vikram played in the Tamil version.